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Transformers Sale/Trade List

Scans are available upon request. E-mail for prices/make offers.

Unbroken Decent Figures:

Name: Description: Picture:

Salt-Man Z (G1 Twin-Twist)

Mint in Box Antex Argentina Twin-Twist called Salt-Man Z. Blue and yellow in color, comes with gun, instruction sheet, and both sticker sheets. SEE PIC

G1 Wreck Gar 

Body only - No tires/accessories. Has some play wear and paint touch-ups on die-cast metal part. Unbroken.

G1 Warpath

Good condition, just has stress marks behind head.

G1 Ultra Magnus

Cab only, rubber wheels, a little dirty/play wear, some sticker wear and chrome wear, stacks are unbroken but have chrome wear. Has rub sign. Unbroken decent figure.

BW Snarl

Good condition unbroken, figure. Not missing any limbs and is tight. Just needs his Tail/Gun.

G1/G2/MW/RID Junkers/Parts-bots:

Name: Description: Picture::

G1 Barrage

Missing one "wing" and the chest piece/thing on the end of his bug face.

G1 Pretender Skyhammer

Shell only. Part of cockpit is broken off and missing one part of one foot.

G1 Gnaw

Missing small arms and missing the screws that holds him together. Also the notches that push out his hands are broken off and missing.

G1 Bluestreak

Body missing roof, back windows, and passenger side door. Also, somebody took some black paint to this body and customized it, hood is painted black, and door is half painted black as well. has tires but all are cracked except 1.


G1 Blast-Off

Missing 2 wings, has fin on top, metal chest version.  

G1 Pretender Cloudburst

Inner robot only, missing feet, otherwise good condition.

G2 Laser Rod Electro

Missing right leg, otherwise great condition, electronics are not working, but probably just needs a new battery.

G2 Leadfoot

Missing back end of car and rotor.

G2 Slag

Missing tail, broken off, pin where tail connects is still intact. Otherwise pretty good condition just some minor chrome wear.

G2 Seaspray

Missing rudders on the back, chrome wear/paint chips, very rusty on the bottom.

MW Skywarp

Missing his left leg and his right arm.  

RID Prowl

Missing a lot of parts, has 1 arm, chest and head. Has 1 door and windshield/light-bar.

BW/BM Junkers/Parts-bots:

BW Rhinox #2 (Original)

Missing one chest flap and right side body flap. Missing all accessories. Has mutant mask and horn.

BW Fuzor Air Hammer

Missing left hand/fins, and left foot.

BW Fuzor Torca

Missing left hand and gun.

BW TM2 Sonar 

Missing one little brown claw, and the long sword type thing on his left hand.

BW TM Waspinator #2

Only missing his small wings and stinger/missile.

BW Ironhide (Magnaboss)

Missing elephant head and clubs. Otherwise good condition, has tusks.

BW Prowl (Magnaboss)

Missing bird head/beak and missiles. Otherwise good condition.

BW Dinobot (Original)

Missing mutant mask 1 dino-toe, and half of his tail. No sword.

BW Cheetor (Original)

Missing Head  and Gun/Tail. Very dirty, and 1 arm does not want to rotate out, seems to be glued in place or something.

BW Rhinox (Original)

Missing rhino right front leg and right side body flap. Missing lower jaw and horn. Missing 1 chest flap. Missing all accessories (Tail, Gun Base, Disk, Sword/Tail and Maces). Does have Mutant Mask, Head, Robot Arms and Legs.

BW Blackarachnia (Original)

Missing 4 spider legs, and both robot legs. Missing all accessories. Has Head (with both faces) and spider hands/robot arms.

BW Rattrap (Original)

Complete body save for his left forearm/fist. No gun.

BW TM Rhinox

Missing 1 side flap, 1 "ski" on his foot. and missing his horn. I think that's it.

BW TM Waspinator

Missing the ends of the 2 lower spider legs and missing 2 small wings and his missile/stinger.

BW TM2 Dinobot

Missing one leg and one arm, has tail.

BW Mutant Soundwave

Missing his right arm/wing.

Armada Figures and Parts:

ARM Cyclonus w/ Crumplezone Complete and Mint with Card. Only taken out transformed a couple times and displayed on shelf.

ARM Knock-Out Minicon

Complete and Tight.

ARM Wreckage Minicon

Missing missiles otherwise great.

ARM Bonecrusher Minicon

Complete and Tight.

ARM Thrust

Figure only, missile holders on legs are broken off, some of the green highlights have been painted black.

ARM Thrust Missiles

2 Missiles only.


Name: Description:


G1 Pretender Bomb-Burst Axe

Has a few minor chew marks.

G1 Action Master Snarl

Partner Tyrannitron only, missing tail.
Tech Specs/Instruction Books:
Name: Description: Picture:

G1 Skystalker Tech-Spec

Canadian Version, Good Condition.  

G1 Dreadwind Tech-Spec

Canadian Version, Good Condition.  

BW Rhinox (Original)

Tri-langual Instruction Sheet - Great Condition!

BW Depth-Charge

Tri-langual Instruction Booklet - Poor condition, a lot of creases and some tears.

BW Optimal Optimus

Tri-langual Intruction Booklet - So-So condition, some wear, small creases, and small tears around edges.

Mcdonalds Transformers Items:

Item: Description:
McArmada Demolisher 23 MISP - $2 Each.
McArmada Megatron 3 Loose, all missing turrets $2  Each.
McArmada Starscream None in stock.
McArmada Clyclonus 1 Loose, missing blades - $2
McArmada Hot Sot 2 Loose - $2 Each.
McDonalds Beast Machines Set of 8 2 Complete Loose Sets - $5 Each.
McDonalds Transmetal Dinosaur 2 Loose - $3 Each.
McDonalds Beast Wars Spider 1 Loose - $3
McDonalds Beast Wars Manta Ray 2 Loose - $3 Each.
McDonalds Beast Wars Rhino 1 Loose - $3
McDonalds Beast Wars Cat 1 Loose - $3

Bootleg Transformers:

Item: Description: Picture:

G1 KO Scavenger

Good tight, unbroken condition. On Hold  
G1 KO Longhaul Missing left arm and head.  
G1 KO Orange Mixmaster  Almost all orange, but does have 2 green parts (1 arm and the barrel). Screws a little rusty, otherwise good condition, unbroken figure.


G1 KO Bonecrusher Piece that holds legs together is broken.  
G1 KO Hook  Front end is in pieces. Missing hook.  

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