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Used Nintendo and Sega Items for Sale:

8-Bit Nintendo System Compontents:

Item: Description: Price:

Untested NES Console

0 in stock! $10 each

NES Zapper/Gun

0 in stock! $7 each

NES Controller

1 in stock! $8 each or $12 per set
NES Super Stick Joystick 1 in stock! $8

NES R/F switch

1 in stock! $8 each
NES A/C Power Adapter 0 in stock! $8 each

8-bit NES Games:

Item: Description: Price:
Super Mario Bros. 1 in stock! $3
Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt 0 in stock! $5
Rambo 1 in stock! $5
Golf 1 in stock! $4

SNES Super Nintendo Parts:

Audio/Video Cable 1 in stock! $6
Controller 1 in stock! $6

Sega Genesis Complete System with 5 Games:

Sega Genesis 16-Bit System w/ 5 Games Complete, cleaned, and tested! Includes 2 Controllers and 5 Games. The games included are: Robocop 3 Boxed, Street Fighter 2 Boxed, NBA Jam Boxed, NHL 95, and Triple Play 96.


Sega Genesis System Components:

Item: Description: Price:
Genesis 2 Power Supply 3 in stock! $5 each
Genesis 2 R/F Switch 1 in stock! $5
Genesis Controller 2 in stock! $5 each 
Genesis Smart 16 Turbo Controller 1 in stock! $6
Genesis Quickshot Wizmaster Turbo Controller 1 in stock! $6
Game Gear Power Supply 1 in stock! $6

Sega Genesis Games:

Item: Description: Price:
See the complete system for sale above.    

Sega Master System Components:

Item: Description: Price:
Console 0 in stock! $15
R/F Switch box 0 in stock! $10 each
Light Phaser (Gun) 2 in stock! $10 each
3D Glasses 1 in stock! Does not include adaptor, and is missing the "arms" on the glasses. $10
Controller 2 in stock! $10 each
Control Stick (Joystick) 1 in stock! $10

Sega Master System Games:

Item: Description: Price:
None in stock.    

*All prices do not include shipping and are in US currency.*
*All electronics are untested and sold as is.*

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