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References,Trading and Buying Policies/Rules

My References: - Owner of buy/sell/trade site. - Dwayne Quicksey - Owner of TFCanada buy/sell/trade site. - Owner of Cybertronian Artifacts buy/sell/trade site. - Has baught several items from me, good customer. - Owner of Transformers Junkyard trade site. - Owner of Franks TF's 4U trade site. - Owner of a reproductions/customs/buy/sell/trade site.

E-mail me if you need more references.

Trading Policy:

You are obligated to pay for your own shipping charges as am I. Preferably I get my customers to send there end of the deal first, BUT I have no problem with both of us sending at the same time if you can provide me with adequate references. eBay and/or yahoo references are preferred.

Buying/Selling Policy:

I will accept Paypal, Billpoint, Bidpay, Money Orders, Personal Checks(10-14 day waiting period) and cash(at own risk) as forms of payments.

Buyer must pre-pay total price of item plus shipping charges. Please e-mail me for shipping quotes. Please be aware that I live in Canada, and thus am forced to use Canada Post as the only postal service, so shipping fees may be a little higher than you expect.

I will e-mail you notification of reciept of your payment and when your item will be shipped out Usually 2-3 days after receiving payment.

*Everything on my site is sold AS IS, especially electronics. Sorry no refunds!*

Have questions? E-mail me!