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Unbroken G1 Figures Needed:
**Must be in C7 condition at least, complete with parts would be nice.**

1984:  Bluestreak, Prowl, Rumble, Buzzsaw, and Cliffjumper (red).
1985: Snarl, Skids, Whirl, Roadbuster, Ransack, and Venom.
1986: SkyLynx, Steeljaw, Springer, Octane, Hubcap, Tailgate, Razorclaw, Divebomb, Gnaw, Runabout, Brawl, Blastoff, Ratbat, and Reflector.
1987: Fortress Maximus, Chromedome, Highbrow, Nosecone, Strafe, Punch, Sureshot, Pointblank, TM Hot Rod, TM Kup, TM Blurr, Doublecross, Chase, Searchlight, Rollbar, Triggerhappy, Misfire, Slugslinger, TM Scourge, TM Cyclonus, Wingspan, Slugfest, Overkill, and Weirdwolf.
1988: Siren, Nightbeat, Hosehead, Quickswitch, Guzzle, Getaway, Joyride, Gunrunner, Spinster, Quake, Dreadwind, Overbite, Horribull, Roadgrabber, Ruckus, Windsweeper, Beastbox, Squaktalk, and Doubledealer.

Autobot Parts/Accessories Needed:

Generation One: 1984

Optimus Prime Hose
Wheeljack Left Spoiler (Large Peg), 2 Missiles.
Hound Gas Can and Spare tire.
Ironhide/Ratchet 1 Gun Post.
Mirage 2 Missiles.
Sideswipe All accessories.
Jazz 2 missiles.
Sunstreaker Spoiler, and 2 Missiles.
Overdrive All accessories accept the twin electron cannon.
Camshaft All accessories.
Downshift 1 Rocket Launcher.


Omega Supreme Ankle  Parts: E, G
Leg Armor Parts: A, D
Track Parts: L
Other Parts: Backpack, Foot, All 6 Shields/Yellow Tabs
Tracks Need 4 Missiles.
Swoop Need unbroken neck,  jaw, and beak, 1 launcher, and 3 missiles.
Sludge Need Sword and 2 Missiles.
Grimlock All accessories except gun.
Jetfire Gun Clip, Backpack, Right booster, 2 Small Leg Clips.
Red Alert All accessories except launcher.
Hoist Wings, 1 Long Missile, and 1 Dual Missile.
Perceptor 3 Missiles.


SkyLynx Need a working unbroken Lynx, also need the top door/flap and back boosters to Sky, 
Wreck-Gar Gun and 2 rubber tires.
Superion Need Right Fist only.
Slingshot Tail-section, gun.
Skydive Gun.
Groove Gun.
Blades All accessories.
First Aid Gun.
Metroplex 2 missiles, scampers right arm and gun.
Outback Gun.
Broadside Front landing gear, left tail-fin, and all accessories except the gun.
Blurr Shield and Gun.


Crosshairs Need Targetmaster (Pinpointer).
Computron/Scattershot All accessories.
Lightspeed Light-Burst Gun and 1 Infra-Red Missile Launcher
Afterburner Small gun, and the larger side gun.
Grotesque All accessories.
Fastlane (clone) Spoiler and 1 Gun.
Decepticon Clones (Pounce/Wingspan) Need Pounce's right paw/leg and all accessories, need a Winspan body and accessories.
Repugnus Gun


Slapdash Need Grey Cover, Yellow Engine Cover, Gun, and the Front Spoiler part.
Landfill All accessories.
Scoop All accessories.
Quickmix All accessories.
Waverider Belt and Axe.


Pretender Jazz Inner robot.
Pretender Bumblebee Shell, helmet, and both guns.
Pretender Pincher Inner Robot and All Accessories.
Crossblades All accessories including inner robot, except large laser.


Action Master Roll-out Gun and Glitch's short arm.

Generation 2

Optimus Prime 1 Launcher, 4 Red Missiles, and Hose.
Grimlock Gun and Sword.
Slag All accessories.
SideSwipe Missiles.
Jazz Doors, launcher, and missiles.
Laser Optimus Prime Cab, disk shooter, and accessories.
Silverbolt/Superion All accessories.
Slingshot Tail-section, all accessories
Sky Dive  All accessories
Electro Sword.
Decepticon Parts/Accessories Needed:

Generation One: 1984

Starscream Both horizontal tail-fins (large peg), 1 short and both long missiles, and landing gear.
Thundercracker Missiles and landing gear.
Skywarp Need both horizontal tail-fins, fists, all missiles.


Dirge Right Fist, Landing Gear, and Bombs.
Barrage Gun and Sword.
Chopshop Gun and Sword/Trident.
Ramjet Need Fists, 1 Bomb, 1 Horizontal Fin, and Landing Gear.
Blitzwing Need unbroken wings. and 3 missles.
Mixmaster 1 Single Missle.


Galvatron Need yellow/orange cannon only.
Scourge Head Laser (All 3 parts).
Deadend Cannon with connector, Gun.
Wildrider Gun.
Dragstrip Gun.
Breakdown Gun.
Predacon Tantrum All accessories.
Predacon Rampage 1 Gun and Fist.
Predacon Headstrong Intact Head/Horn, All Accessories.
Swindle All accessories.
Onslaught/Bruticus All accessories except head and right foot.
Vortex Hand Gun.
Blast-Off C7-8 unbroken body.
Brawl C7-8 unbroken body.
Trypticon All accessories except battery cover.


Scorponok Need 1 right small purple leg-flap, Helmet, Fast-Trax Guns, All 4 Radar Dishes, Elevator Part B, 4 Double Canons.
Skullcruncher Head, tail and gun.
Apeface Need gun and shield.
Snapdragon All Accessories.
Battletrap Gun.
Cutthroat Gun.
Rippersnapper Guns.
Doubledealer Powermaster Knok, Engine Holder/Chestplate, Missle Bottom and Missle Top.
Sixshot Guns


Darkwing All accessories.
Needlenose TipTop Targetmaster.
Snaptrap/Pirranacon Butt flap, and all accessories.
Skalor All accessories except weapon stand.
Tentakil All accessories except weapon stand base and connector.
Seawing All accessories except weapon stand base.
Nautilator All Accessories.
Fangry Wings.
Submarauder All accessories.
Bomb-burst Shoulder Pads (left and right)
Finback All accessories except belt.


Bludgeon Inner robot and all accessories except Gun.
Birdbrain Inner robot and all accessories.
Slog Inner robot and all accessories.
Micromaster Flattop 2 Guns

Generation 2

Starscream All accessories except vertical tail-fins and right horizontal tail-rudder.
Megatron 6 Missiles
Combat Hero Megatron Gun and 2 Missiles.
Briticus Need gun, fists, left footplate, chestplate and ramp.
Sizzle Sword.
Bonecrusher All accessories except gun.
Hook All accessories and an unbroken hook.
Dirtbag 4 Missiles.

Junker Bots Needed

SkyLynx Need a working unbroken Lynx, also need the top door/flap and back boosters to Sky, 
Red Alert Doors/arms.
Swoop Need unbroken neck,  jaw, and beak.
Bluestreak Door, roof, back windows.
Broadside Front landing gear,  and left tail-fin.
Slingshot Tail-section.
Wreck Gar 2 Rubber tires.
Sunstreaker Need spoiler.
Blitzwing Wings.
Barrage Front thing that hangs from bug head.
G2 Laser Prime Cab/Legs, head cover, disk shooter.
G2 Slingshot Tail-section.
G2 Jazz Doors.
G2 Hook Chrome Hook.

Box Styrofoam/Inserts Needed

Optimus Prime  

Beast Wars Parts Needed:

Silverbolt (Magnaboss) 1 Missile.
Ironhide (Magnaboss) Club #1.
Cicadacon (Tripredacus) Both Missiles/Wings.
Rattrap Gun
Optimus Primal Bat Swords
Razorbeast Gun/Hair
Grimlock Sword.
K-9 1 Missile.
Boncrusher Missiles.
TM2 Cheetor Missiles.
TM Terrorsaur 1 Wing.
Oprimus Primal (gorilla) 2 Missiles.
Armordillo Gun/Foot
Mirage (Beast Machines) Missiles.

*Would also be interested in almost any Original Beast Wars figures (Cheetor, BA, etc.)

**Figures, Tech Specs, Boxes, Instruction Booklets, etc. – Send me your lists.**

If you have something not on this list E-mail me HERE! I may still want it!